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We are a comprehensive service platform for foreign trade in CNC machines, helping our customers to buy CNC machines from Chinese manufacturers. We help businesses streamline their international trade operations, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Our mission: We are building a more efficient, inclusive, and transparent way of trading.

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Since the inception of IVYCNC, we have gained the trust of thousands of industrial buyers. We connect buyers with Chinese CNC machine tool manufacturers every day. With our rigorous vetting team, we ensure you have the most reliable manufacturer information to get the job done faster.
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IVYCNC is a digital marketing service provider for CNC machine builders. We want to reach out to high quality suppliers or manufacturers and grow their business. Our website and services are designed to help our partners in the CNC machine building sector to attract, convert and retain customers.
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When we succeed together, it's a moment to share. Here are stories of customers and suppliers who have succeeded together with us.
Tyler Turk
Thanks to IVYCNC, our procurement process has been significantly more efficient. Matching the right suppliers, comparable quotations, and transparency in the marketplace have allowed me to save time and money significantly.
James Wright
IVYCNC has been able to help my company acquire new customers easily and efficiently, saving me a lot of time and effort.
Jane Doe
With IVYCNC, I can identify waterjet manufacturers quickly and easily, and, combined with multiple quote evaluations, I can find the most suitable waterjet manufacturer at a glance. IVYCNC creates important added value.
It was incredible, IVYCNC helped me to quickly find and connect with potential customers that I could not reach, a simple and efficient process that has produced great results for my business.
Jeff Papke
IVYCNC enabled me to find a reliable manufacturer of laser cutting machines. Not only did they provide the right machine for my business, but I was also very satisfied with their service and support.
William Woe
IVYCNC is an attractive door-opening opportunity for our company, where in the past, finding the right client has often required a great deal of work. We find this process very efficient, as things only become very interesting when we can talk directly to the customer.
Dave McKee
I have found IVYCNC to be very user-friendly for those looking for a quality CNC machine builder. I was impressed with the fast and efficient process and I was able to get in touch with several different manufacturers at the same time.
Taylor West
I am very pleased with the results of my collaboration with IVYCNC. We were able to reach a lot of new clients and grow my business.
Craig Coleman
I needed a laser machine for a new project I was working on and IVYCNC helped me to get quotes from different suppliers and to compare them. It has made my job much easier.

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