HEADCantilever waterstraalsnijder

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Cantilever waterstraalsnijder

HEAD cantilever waterjet cutting machine adopts a split cantilever design with a stable structure, guaranteeing a high-precision cutting effect. 8 mm aluminum alloy with lightweight but high rigidity is used for X-axis, which makes the machine last longer. The three-sided loading and unloading is easy to operate and covers a small area, making it a high-quality waterjet cutting machine.

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 HEAD Cantilever Waterjet Cutter

HEAD water jet milled by Japan high precision milling machine to guarantee an elevated flat surface of the main beam of the water jet table then keep the high precision during the cutting process.

Annealing treatment for HEAD water jet each part to ensure its machine bed is firm and has no deformation.

HEAD water jet uses a precision meter to guarantee the ball screw and guiding rail are installed parallel and flat on the main beam for a long time running and keep the high precision.

HEAD water jet uses laser calibration to check and guide rail straightness and parallelism.

HEAD water jet cutting machine uses a metal hardness tester to keep every part of the intensifier, including the high-pressure and low-pressure parts, working in its best situation for safety reasons.

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HEAD Cantilever Waterjet Cutting Machine

High Pressure System

High Pressure System

This high-pressure pump is strictly selected from the imported high-quality booster general bearing. It adopts a liquid-hydraulic booster for boosting. The booster uses a double-cylinder reciprocating plunger structure, and the key booster parts are imported parts. Advanced structure, reasonable, high stability. Cooperate with Sandvik brand high-pressure pipeline made in Sweden, which has high flexural strength, high tensile strength, and high elongation. Ensure strong and stable pressure output for a long time.

Double Booster High Pressure System

Double Booster High Pressure System

The high-pressure pump adopts a double booster that can work interchangeably, that is, when the single booster fails, the backup booster can be used to continue working without delaying the work progress. The newly designed frame structure is compact, strong, and easy to transport. One-piece flip-top design with a dirt tray for easy maintenance and cleaning. The dashboard and control panel are ergonomically designed for easy observation and operation.

Floor Flip Frame

Floor Flip Frame

This platform with the latest flip structure design is really perfect for applications such as large-size glass and stone cutting. The maximum load capacity of the platform is 1000kg, which is enough to support heavier goods, and it is operated by the hydraulic lifting method, which is more stable and safe.

Electronic Sand Control System

Electronic Sand Control System

This next-generation electronic anti-sand system uses software to control sand flow and ensure consistent cutting surfaces. It is particularly suitable for high-precision machining and can record the parameters of the sand supply when cutting specific materials, thus optimizing the amount of sand used by the waterjet and reducing the cost of use. In addition, the system comes with environmentally friendly features that not only improve efficiency but also bring greater value to production.



This air-cooled type cooling system expands the cooling area and increases the ventilation flow, and is hardly affected by the working environment. It is equipped with an independent automatic temperature control system with a separate cooling circuit, when the temperature reaches the set value, the air-cooled cooler runs automatically. Featuring energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Water Cooling Tower

Water Cooling Tower

It can better ensure the continuous and stable operation of the hydraulic system while saving more precious water resources. It also ensures that the oil temperature of the hydraulic system is always kept below 45°C and is cost-effective for most operating conditions.

Automatic Sand Removal System

Automatic Sand Removal System

This new automatic desanding system turns traditional desanding on its head. It not only eliminates the need for downtime to drain water but also allows for efficient and easy desanding without interrupting normal machine operation. In addition, the system is environmentally friendly and easy to operate.

Specificatie van 
HEAD Cantilever Waterjet Cutter


Z-as verplaatsing
150 mm
Max. Druk
Type snijden
±0,1 mm
Controle Nauwkeurigheid
Precisie herhalen positionering
Max. Waterstroom
3,7 l/min
Gewicht (KG)

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HEAD Waterstraal

Verzending van machine

We nemen de meest redelijke en veilige manier van verpakken, met houten kisten en allerlei zacht verpakkingsmateriaal en airbags, zodat de machine veilig bij de klant aankomt.

Installatie en inbedrijfstelling

Zodra de machine in de werkplaats arriveert, sturen we een technicus naar uw locatie om u te helpen bij het instellen en moduleren van de machine.


Onze technici helpen uw werknemers om de machines te leren gebruiken en routineonderhoud uit te voeren.


Tot 18 maanden of 2400 uur machinegarantie en langdurige levering van reserveonderdelen.

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