WonleanA-serie waterstraalsnijder

De nieuwe generatie plaatwatersnijmachine.
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A-serie waterstraalsnijder

Wonlean’s A series waterjet cutting machine adopts a new cast iron bed with the oil-immersed structure of lead screw, together with an automatic variable pump, and a brilliant system, making it the representative of a new generation of high-power waterjet cutting machine.

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 Wonlean A Series Waterjet Cutter

Optional cast iron bed, compared with ordinary welded bed, has a higher strength structural rigidity and stability, the overall mechanical structure to maintain small deformation, low vibration, after aging treatment can reach 30 years accuracy maintenance. It can still maintain high operating accuracy for a long time in heavy cutting tasks.

The guide rail filament is completely submerged in the oil tank, fully lubricated at the same time can eliminate the abrasion of the transmission system by sand and water splashing, with super high cutting accuracy at the same time also greatly enhance the service life of the equipment. It solves the serious accuracy decay problem of the waterjet in the past, so that the cutting is accurate at all times.

Equipped with a variable oil pump and an intelligent variable high-pressure system consisting of 4 additional imported valve bodies, the oil volume is intelligently adjusted according to the pressure needs and the cutting capacity is highly efficient. Better oil temperature control and more energy saving.

XYZ axis are external high quality stainless steel brushed shell, built-in high quality dustproof folded cloth design of double seal design, can provide effective hard protection and full seal to the equipment. It is the most effective form of sealing for water cutting at present.

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Wonlean A Series Water Jet Cutting Machine

Separate Structure

Separate Structure

The bed and the cutting water tank do not have any connection point, using the full split structure, avoiding the deformation of the water tank to the bed after long-term use, to protect the accuracy and service life of the bed.

Direct Connection Transmission System

Direct Connection Transmission System

High power servo motor with large-diameter screw guide directly connected, compared with the traditional synchronous pulley belt connection, transmission loss is smaller, higher precision, better stability. Between the millimeter, precision will be achieved.

Slope Compensation System

Slope Compensation System

Through the intelligent five-axis software and two Japanese Yaskawa servo motors of dynamic differential compensation, the waterjet "V" shaped kerf for accurate active compensation, so that the cutting kerf up and down vertically or to achieve a bevel cut within 10 degrees.

Intelligent 3D Cutting

Intelligent 3D Cutting

It can realize three-dimensional cutting with fixed and variable angles within 75 degrees, and the cutting head mechanism is made of aluminum alloy, with lightweight, high strength, and small load.

Intelligent Recognition & One-key Processing

Intelligent Recognition & One-key Processing

Active recognition of CAD electronic drawings, intelligent automatic generation of tool diameter transfer parameters, reduce manual coding and repeat operations, simple operation, and improve production capacity.

Wireless Remote Control Handle

Wireless Remote Control Handle

Equipped with wireless operation handle with integrated control, more convenient operation.

Specificatie van 
Wonlean A Series Waterjet Cutter


Z-as verplaatsing
Max. Druk
Type snijden
Nominaal vermogen
Max. Waterstroom
3,7 l/min
9000 mm/min
±0,1 mm
Controle Nauwkeurigheid
Precisie herhalen positionering
Gewicht (KG)

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Wonlean Waterstraal

Verzending van machine

We nemen de meest redelijke en veilige manier van verpakken, met houten kisten en allerlei zacht verpakkingsmateriaal en airbags, zodat de machine veilig bij de klant aankomt.

Installatie en inbedrijfstelling

Zodra de machine in de werkplaats arriveert, sturen we een technicus naar uw locatie om u te helpen bij het instellen en moduleren van de machine.


Onze technici helpen uw werknemers om de machines te leren gebruiken en routineonderhoud uit te voeren.


Tot 18 maanden of 2400 uur machinegarantie en langdurige levering van reserveonderdelen.

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