WonleanE Series Waterjet Cutter

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E Series Waterjet Cutter

Wonlean’s E series waterjet cutting machine is loved by many customers for its high-cost performance. It not only has an intelligent lubrication system and full servo drive, but also intelligent one-touch processing with powerful functions.

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Advantage of
 Wonlean E Series Waterjet Cutter

The bed is a finite element analyzed and welded in one piece to take advantage of the best stress points and support structure. After aging treatment, concrete is cast for the bed, which makes it extremely stable and excellent in vibration absorption. The bed stress is greatly reduced to maintain long-term accuracy.

The bed and the cutting water tank do not have any connection point, using the full split structure, avoiding the deformation of the water tank to the bed after long-term use, to protect the accuracy and service life of the bed.

A pressure adaptive balancing device, it can greatly alleviate the fluctuation of pressure pulses, improve the cutting efficiency and alleviate the impact of pressure pulses on the cooling system.

XYZ axes are fully sealed with high-quality dustproof folding cloth, and the folding times are up to 100,000 times, which is durable.

Features of 
Wonlean E Series Water Jet Cutting Machine

Intelligent Lubrication System

Intelligent Lubrication System

Equipped with an intelligent lubricating oil pump that delivers lubricating oil to every corner of the drive train with intermittent control for up to 0.01 seconds. Lubricates while greatly avoiding wear and tear on the drive train from waste sand.

Slope Compensation System

Slope Compensation System

Through the intelligent five-axis software and two Japanese Yaskawa servo motors of dynamic differential compensation, the waterjet "V" shaped kerf for accurate active compensation, so that the cutting kerf up and down vertically or to achieve a bevel cut within 10 degrees.

Intelligent 3D Cutting

Intelligent 3D Cutting

It can realize three-dimensional cutting with fixed and variable angles within 75 degrees, and the cutting head mechanism is made of aluminum alloy, with lightweight, high strength, and small load.

Intelligent Recognition & One-key Processing

Intelligent Recognition & One-key Processing

Active recognition of CAD electronic drawings, intelligent automatic generation of tool diameter transfer parameters, reduce manual coding and repeat operations, simple operation, and improve production capacity.

Wireless Remote Control Handle

Wireless Remote Control Handle

Equipped with wireless operation handle with integrated control, more convenient operation.

Specification of 
Wonlean E Series Waterjet Cutter


Processing Range
Z-axis Travel
Max. Pressure
Cutting Type
Rated Power
Max. Water Flow
Operating Speed
Cutting Accuracy
Control Accuracy
Repeat Positioning Precision
Weight (KG)
Servo Motor

Service & Support of 
Wonlean Waterjet

Shipment of Machine

We will take the most reasonable and security packing way, with wooden cases and all kinds of soft packing material, as well as airbags, so that make sure the machine arrive at customer’s place safely.

Installation & Commissioning

Once the machine arrives at the workshop, we will send an engineer to your site to help you set up and modulate the machine.


Our engineers will help your employees learn how to use the machines and perform routine maintenance on them.


Up to 18 months or 2400 hours machine warranty and long term supply of spare parts.

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