YUANHONGCantilever 5-axis waterjet cutter

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Cantilever 5-axis waterjet cutter

This 5-axis cantilever waterjet cutter is a versatile and highly accurate tool for cutting a wide variety of shapes and materials. Its five-axis motion provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing users to perform a variety of complex cutting tasks with ease. In addition, the machine’s cantilever design is excellent, providing greater operating space and the ability to easily cut large materials without additional support. As a result, this waterjet cutting machine is widely used in the manufacturing, construction, and automotive industries.

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Advantage of
 YH Cantilever 5-axis waterjet cutter

It can achieve high precision, high definition, and high accuracy cutting, which makes it ideal for manufacturing various complex-shaped parts.

It can be used to process most materials, including metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, wood, rubber, foam, etc.

It can cut a wide range of materials quickly and without the need for subsequent processing, thus increasing productivity.

Because of using high-pressure water jet cutting, the cutting surface is very flat, smooth, and burr-free without damaging the material surface.

Features of 
YH Cantilever 5-axis waterjet cutting machine

Control System

Control System

The control system of YH waterjet can realize automatic control and management of waterjet processing, with functions such as high-precision processing control, multi-axis linkage control, intelligent management, etc. And it is easy to operate, stable, and reliable, which improves equipment reliability.

Refrigeration System

Refrigeration System

The refrigeration system of YH waterjet adopts compression refrigeration technology and heat exchanger components, which are mainly used to control the stability of water temperature during waterjet processing and ensure the heat dissipation effect of the equipment. The refrigeration system has various functions such as automatic adjustment, frequency conversion operation, and overload protection, which can intelligently control the processing process and improve the equipment life.

Desanding System

Desanding System

The YH waterjet's desanding system filters impurities such as sand and debris from the water, ensuring clean water during waterjet processing and improving processing efficiency and quality. The system is simple to operate and easy to maintain, making it an efficient and practical waterjet auxiliary equipment.

Specification of 
YH Cantilever 5-axis waterjet cutter


Cantilever 5-axis
Processing Range
Z-axis Travel
Max. Pressure
Cutting Type
Cutting Accuracy
Positioning Accuracy
Repeat positioning accuracy
Cutting Speed
6 mpm/top
Weight (KG)

Service & Support of 

Shipment of Machine

We will take the most reasonable and security packing way, with wooden cases and all kinds of soft packing material, as well as airbags, so that make sure the machine arrive at customer’s place safely.

Installation & Commissioning

Once the machine arrives at the workshop, we will send an engineer to your site to help you set up and modulate the machine.


Our engineers will help your employees learn how to use the machines and perform routine maintenance on them.


Up to 18 months or 2400 hours machine warranty and long term supply of spare parts.

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