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3-axis waterjet cutting machines have become a popular choice for businesses in different industries. They involve using the destructive force of high-pressurized water to cut the strongest materials. So, 3-axis waterjet cutters have several industrial applications. Whether you need to cut regular or irregular shapes, these waterjet cutting machines can be the right choice.

We have professionals to help you find the best solutions for 3-axis waterjet cutters. Our technicians know about every detail of these cutting machines. Let us learn about your needs before buying waterjet cutting machines.

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Picking The Right 3-Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine

FEDJET C-Series Waterjet Cutter (1)
Applicable to various industrial fields.
Gantry waterjet 3 axis
Cutting performance gets the best out of it.
HEAD Gantry
With the fastest cutting speed and the best accuracy.
E Series
Super cost-effective popular machine king.
Teenking 3-Axis waterjet cutter
Available in two waterjet configurations: gantry and cantilever
G3020-3X Waterjet Cutter
Widely used in the metalworking industry.

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Application of 3-Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine


The aerospace sector needs to deal with some toughened substances that need precise cuts. For instance, it needs to design turbine blades, engine parts, and several other components.

Architectural Work

In the architectural industry, professionals need to cut metals, fiberglass, and cement boards. You can cut your workpiece into complex shapes.


Microelectronic and electronic components are sensitive to heat. If you apply other conventional methods, it creates heat-affected zones. So, waterjet cutting is a safe alternative.

Lab and Experiments

Many lab accessories are made from alloys and stainless steel. It is essential to make precise cuts to design the water equipment.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry needs to cut material stainless steel and Hastealloy. So, waterjet cutting is essential for manufacturing equipment needed in this sector.


When the stones are mined, they need to be cut into different shapes. Waterjet cutters are capable of cutting even the thickest stones.
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Why do you need a 3 axis waterjet cutter

A 3-axis waterjet cutter involves a cold-cutting process that helps you cut through metals and non-metals. Use high-pressurized water to make cuts.


Whether you cut a thick or thin workpiece, waterjet technology can do it efficiently. Besides, as you do not need additional edge treatment, it makes the process affordable.

Cuts any Shape

The combination of high-pressure water and abrasives creates a needle-sharp stream that cuts any shape you desire. So, fabricators can use a 3-axis to manufacture any product.

High cutting Flexibility

Flexibility or versatility is another reason for investing in 3-axis waterjet cutting machines. From metals to ceramics and plastics, everything can be cut with the 3-axis waterjet cutter.

No tooling

If you want to increase profitability and boost operational efficiency, you can rely on a 3-axis waterjet cutter. You do not need additional tools for the process.
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The Ultimate FAQ Guide
3-Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine

A 3-axis waterjet cutter is a new-generation cutting machine that helps you cut materials with precision. The conceptual design of the machine is different from conventional cutting tools to optimize accuracy. The best 3-axis waterjet cutters come with a lightweight design and aluminum beams. Our waterjet cutting machines also have a protective cover to ensure protection against water and sand. 3-axis cutting systems can be of different types- water-only and abrasive jets. To cut tougher materials like metals, you need to use the abrasives with your 3-axis waterjet cutter.

There are some benefits of using our 3-axis waterjet cutting system.

  • The cold-cutting process does not have thermal influences.
  • The reduced cutting width ensures you will not waste your materials.
  • The 3-axis waterjet cutting involves flexible processing of almost any material.
  • It is a clean and environment-friendly process that does not produce poisonous gas.
  • With a minimal cutting force, you will get tension-free, well-processed parts.
  • The waterjet cutting machine is connected to a CAD programming system.
  • Due to multi-layer and multi-head cutting with waterjet technology, you will have higher productivity.
  • The high-performance 3-jet waterjet cutter ensures precise cuts.

A 3-jet waterjet cutter is a machine that applies highly focused waterjet to cut materials. To start the non-thermal process, you need to filter the water. A high-pressure pump is used to pressurize water fed into different cutting heads.

An orifice with a small diameter will accumulate water beam, while the pressure converts velocity. The high-speed water cuts the workpiece, and the cutting heads start moving according to a pattern. If it is a tough metal or other similar material, you can use abrasives and boost the cutting power.

A 3-axis waterjet cutter delivers a highly accurate result. Once you have started cutting materials, the waterjet cutter will achieve a tolerance level of +/- 0.001”. For every axis, the linear positional accuracy is about 304 mm.

The capability of cutting objects of maximum thickness depends on what materials you have chosen. The 3-axis waterjet cutting machine can cut a workpiece with a thickness of around 6 to 8 inches. While using softer materials, you will be able to deal with thicker workpieces. However, a higher thickness level will lower the cutting speed. Still, waterjet is the right solution for cutting any material, regardless of its thickness.

A 3-axis waterjet cutting machine is efficient at cutting any type of material. The thickness of your workpiece is not a barrier to cutting through it using waterjet technology. Materials that can be cut with the waterjet cutter are not limited to marble, stainless steel, titanium, hardened rubber, aluminum block, ceramics, and textiles.

The PSI level can vary with the material you have chosen to cut with waterjet technology. The minimum PSI of the waterjet system is 50,000. But, it can reach 90000 PSI if you have chosen the hardest materials.

Garnet, sand, aluminum oxide, and silicon carbide are abrasive particles used for waterjet cutting. However, the most commonly chosen abrasive for your 3-axis waterjet cutting machine is red garnet because it has some special properties. Garnet is hard, and while it breaks, it creates sharp edges.

A 3-axis waterjet cutter is designed to provide a high-quality edge finish. But, faster production may lead to a rougher edge quality. So, you have to slow down the cutting speed to find a better edge quality of the output. Besides, your material thickness will influence the edge quality.

You can use ordinary tap water to operate the 3-axis waterjet cutter. So, it is advisable to test the water quality before using it for your waterjet cutting process. If the water quality is not good, you must treat it with effective methods. Without good-quality water, your machine will degrade within a short time.

The cost of the 3-axis waterjet cutter varies with the model you have chosen. The price of the basic waterjet cutting machine is $37000.

Some manufacturers think that it is costly to run a 3-axis waterjet cutter. But, they should know the way to calculate the cost for operating the machine.

  • Depending on your location, you should know the cost of 1000 gallons of water.
  • Know the cost of electric power, as you have to run a pump of around 50 to 125HP.
  • Abrasives are available at different rates.

So, these are some variables to determine the cost for running the waterjet cutter. On average, the per-hour cost of operating the machine is $15 to $40.

High-quality water-jet cutters can last several years. With proper maintenance, you can make your waterjet cutting system last for more than 25 years. Buy the premium quality water-jet cutters from us and find a significant value.

A 3-axis waterjet cutter needs to be operated safely to avoid serious injuries. The force of the water can be damaging if you unintentionally have contact with it. You should undergo training before using the waterjet cutting machine.

Modern, innovatively designed 3-axis water cutters need minimal maintenance. However, as there are multiple parts in a waterjet cutting system, their maintenance frequency is different. Especially nozzle parts need frequent replacement. Yearly maintenance is essential for high-pressure pumps. You should also test valve components and replace sealing at the right time. However, the water quality, pressure level, and a few other factors affect the sealing’s lifetime. Moreover, you must check the system daily to detect potential leaks.

3-axis waterjet cutting machines are available in a range of sizes. Depending on how much space is available in your workshop, you can pick the best model for a 3-axis waterjet cutter. Our professionals will help you find the right waterjet cutter with a 3-axis design.

Training is available for buyers who have chosen our 3-axis waterjet cutters. This training will help you learn the basic principle. You will also learn about the way to maintain the cutter. The training program also includes instructions on the troubleshooting process and equipment installation.

Yes. You will get assistance for any technical issue with your 3-axis waterjet cutter. Our professionals will contact you and try to solve it remotely.

Yes. We have a team of professional and responsive technicians who are ready to help you. Our technicians are present in different countries where we distribute our 3-axis waterjet cutting system.

Many businesses have chosen 3-axis waterjet cutters to cut workpieces into various cuts. The accuracy, high speed, and minimal waste production have made the waterjet cutter a perfect choice. You will also find a difference in ROI if you have bought waterjet cutters.


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