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Water jet aluminum cutters are now one of the most spectacular tools used by business organizations and manufacturers all over the world. Their high efficiency, precision in cutting, and ability to meet all sorts of requirements have made water jet aluminum cutters stand out in the industry.

These machines can cut through aluminum of all sizes while ensuring precision and a high-quality finish. So, if your business deals with cutting metal surfaces, especially aluminum, to create a finished product, a water jet aluminum cutter can bring remarkable changes for you.

IVYCNS aims to bring in the best water jet aluminum cutters from the best suppliers in China that can meet our buyers’ needs. At IVYCNS, we understand that each business has its own unique requirements. You can find the water jet aluminum cutter that best suits your needs with us. This way, you can bring multiple competitive advantages to your business.

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Picking The Right Water Jet Aluminum Cutter

FEDJET C-Series Waterjet Cutter (1)
Applicable to various industrial fields.
Cantilever waterjet 5 axis
More accurate and environmentally friendly.
HEAD Cantilever Waterjet
Small footprint and cost-effective.
E Series
Super cost-effective popular machine king.
Teenking 3-Axis waterjet cutter
Available in two waterjet configurations: gantry and cantilever
C4020-5X Waterjet Cutter
The best-selling large format waterjet cutting machine.

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Application of Water Jet Aluminum Cutter


Construction firms and companies across the world rely on water jet aluminum cutters for their perfect results. Since aluminum is an indispensable part of construction across every field, these water jet cutters make the perfect match. Whether you are working on infrastructural construction, technological, or even small-scale projects, these cutters will benefit you remarkably.

Art and Decoration

For artists and interior decorators of all scales, water jet aluminum cutters are the first choice. From creating your artistic innovations by finely cutting aluminum to meeting a given client’s specifications, a water jet aluminum cutter will help you achieve it all. You can create beautiful designs on doors, windows, frames, and so on by using a water jet aluminum cutter.


From high-end race cars to the biggest airplanes that we know of, aluminum is an integral part of all these automobiles. As a result, water jet aluminum cutters are one of the biggest assets to the automotive industries around the world. They can successfully create perfect automobile pieces with precise measurements to build the best automotive aluminum projects.


Aluminum is light and flexible yet strong. All the properties needed to create aircraft. And understandably there is no room for error in the manufacturing of these complicated air transports. Even the slightest distortion to any part can lead to a catastrophe. And that is why water jet aluminum cutters are in high demand in the aerospace industry.


Every component of a plumbing system must be water and corrosion-resistant. And aluminum is widely used for building a large number of plumbing components such as pipes, faucets, and many more. But aluminum easily distorts when using traditional CNC cutting methods. For that manufacturers use water jet aluminum cutting technology to achieve the highest precision with minimal distortion.


Due to its lightweight and low cost, aluminum has also entered the furniture market becoming a favorite to many owners. To meat the high demand for aluminum furniture, companies use water jet aluminum cutting technology as it can provide a fine finish on the first cut and can handle multiple layers of aluminum at one go.
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Why use Water Jet Aluminum Cutters

Getting a water jet aluminum cutter for your firm can be one of the best investments for the business in the long run. The efficiency, results and precision provided by water jet aluminum cutters are unparalleled in the market. Here are some of the ways a water jet aluminum cutter can be the perfect equipment for your business.

Free From Thermal Distortion

Thermal distortion occurs when the aluminum gets compressed or deflected due to the effects of high temperature and pressure. This can end up destroying the aluminum sheet. However, water jet aluminum cutters possess no such threat. They can guarantee the maximum safety of your cutting experience with aluminum for multiple projects.

Sustainable For Your Business

Environmental sustainability is an increasingly pressing issue in the current world. Water jet aluminum cutters are the most sustainable solution for your aluminum cutting activities. Other forms of cutting techniques can end up creating harsh chemicals or toxic byproducts that are harmful to the environment. In contrast, water jet aluminum cutters create no such waste.

Supports Innovation

Modern businesses require innovation to sustain themselves in a competitive market. Water jet aluminum cutters can give you the advantage of creating innovation in your business. That means, when you have unique ideas, you can implement them by cutting the most precise and sleek aluminum pieces. This will support the creation of innovative products for your business.

Precision To Details

Water jet aluminum cutters are getting increasingly popular because of their precise cutting abilities. For businesses that need precise aluminum cutting to build a product, water jet aluminum cutters can be the best choice. They remain incomparable to other cutting solutions because of their precise finishing and fast delivery.
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The Ultimate FAQ Guide
Water Jet Aluminum Cutter

A water jet aluminum cutter is a modern cutting equipment that cuts aluminum by using a water jet of high pressure. This is done by combining abrasives with water. The combination of water with abrasive is then passed through a gem orifice tap to create a high force of water jet. This jet becomes strong enough to rapidly erode and hence cut through the aluminum.

Water jet aluminum cutters are popular for their numerous advantages in cutting with precision. Compared to other CNC machines, water jet aluminum cutters can get you improved and enhanced results. Some of these advantages include:

Versatility: Water jet aluminum cutter is popular for being able to cut through various aluminum sizes and grades. This allows versatile cutting and creates opportunities within an organization.

Faster Cutting: Most CNC machines will take a longer time to cut through aluminum sheets. In comparison, water jet aluminum cutters will get you the best results in the least amount of time. So, faster cutting through water jet aluminum cutters gives you a lower turnaround time.

Precise Cutting: When it comes to precision, water jet aluminum cutters can achieve higher precision in comparison to CNC cutters. Especially with complicated designs and structures, water jet aluminum cutters can give you the most enhanced results.

Smooth Finishing: With most CNC cutters, a second or third cutting becomes necessary to get sleek edges. In comparison, water jet aluminum cutters get you a smooth finish on the first try.

No Heat Damage: Heat distortion can damage your entire project and even destroy the aluminum entirely. This risk can be fully avoided when you use a water jet aluminum cutter. Other CNC machines may risk your projects, but water jet cutters will not do so.

An abrasive water jet cutting process is used for the water jet aluminum cutters. This method is supported by an accelerated erosion process in the water jet cutter device. In the water jet aluminum cutter, highly pressurized water passes through a nozzle into the mixing chamber.

To increase the force, metals such as ruby or diamond are used in the nozzle. The pressure then creates a vacuum, which draws garnet sand into the stream. Finally, a burst of pressurized water is fired at the aluminum sheet to sever it.

Erosion occurs in aluminum when sand particles corrode the material. Here, erosion occurs at such a rapid rate that it appears to cut through the material. This is how the water jet aluminum cutter works to cut through aluminum.

The cutting accuracy of the water jet aluminum cutter is approximately ± 0.002” (0.05 mm) to ± 0.001” (0.025 mm).

Water jet aluminum cutters can produce parts with remarkably tight tolerances. While some systems can produce parts with tolerances as close as 0.001″. (0.025 mm). Part tolerances for water jet aluminum cutting are typically between 0.003″ and 0.005″ of inches.

A water jet aluminum cutter is capable of cutting through multiple thicknesses of aluminum sheets. Generally, water jet aluminum cutters can successfully cut through 12-inch-thick aluminum sheets. In the case of aluminum blocks, they are capable of cutting through an 8-inch-thick block of aluminum in a single pass.

The most common water jet aluminum cutters run between 40,000 psi to 60,000 psi with a speed of 760 to 1020 meters/second.


Water jet aluminum cutters are capable of cutting through a vast range of aluminum grades. This includes Alumold aluminum plates, Sturdy 5052 aluminum plates, High-strength 7075 aluminum plates, Fatigue-resistant 2024 aluminum plates, Versatile 6061 aluminum plates, Corrosion-resistant 3003 aluminum plates, etc.

Additionally, they can cut through metals like titanium, hardened tool steel, brass, copper, and other exotic metals. Many models can also cut through wood, marble, glass, and so on.

A water jet aluminum cutter usually operates between the range of 30,000 PSI to 60,000 PSI. Depending on the technology used, water jet aluminum cutters can have a higher range like 50,000 to 90,000 PSI. This makes the probable range of waterjet aluminum cutters to be from 30,000 PSI to 90,000 PSI.

In a water jet aluminum cutter, the most common abrasives that are used include sand, olivine, aluminum oxide, silica sand, silicon carbide, and garnet. Among them, garnet is the most commonly used abrasive. They are cost-effective, durable, and give the similar result as diamonds.

The quality of the edge finish on a water jet aluminum cutter is uniform, and burr-free, with a sleek finish. Compared to other cutting solutions like plasma and CNC machines, the edge quality is incomparable. As the water jet aluminum cutters can give the best edge finish on the first try, they rarely need a secondary finishing job.

No, water treatment is not required for water jet aluminum cutters. You can effectively run a water jet aluminum cutter with normal tap water. In approximately 90 percent of businesses, normal tap water without any treatment is used for operating the water jet cutters. However, if your tap water is full of dirt and contamination, you will have to use cleaner water.

The prices of a water jet aluminum cutter will vary from one model to the other. For small models, the approximate price can be around $60,000. Larger machines with better technology will cost you around $100,000. This rate may increase if you want customization and additional features on your water jet aluminum cutter.

The approximate cost to run a water jet aluminum cutter falls between $20-$35 per hour. These costs may vary depending on your location, facility, and related microeconomic factors. Additional factors such as water to abrasive ratio on the cutter, utility costing, servicing charges, and cutter model will also add to the pricing.

The average lifetime of a water jet aluminum cutter can go for around 10 to 12 years. It is important to note that the longevity of the water jet cutter depends on its consumables. With proper care and regular servicing, you can increase the lifespan of its consumables considerably well.

In water jet aluminum cutters, the pressure pumps can last for about 10,000 hours. The nozzle can last for approximately 100 hours. The sealing lasts for about 500 to 1000 hours. The plungers have a longevity of 5000 hours. All these components make the lifespan of a water jet aluminum cutter up to several years.

Water jet aluminum cutters are very safe for use. In terms of personal safety, remaining cautious and practicing safety hazards will eliminate the risk of accidents. Additionally, it is also safe for the environment.

No, water jet aluminum cutters do not require extensive maintenance. They require time-based maintenance practices. This includes daily caring, and weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, and yearly maintenance practices.

The amount of space you will need to make for one water jet aluminum cutter in your workshop will depend on the model that you select. The most common space requirements for a water jet aluminum cutter are 4 x 4 feet to 4 x 8 feet (1.2 x 1.2 m to 1.2 x 2.4 m) in size.

In the case of water jet aluminum cutters with a single work envelope and one water tank, the spacing requirements are- 5 by 10 ft. or 7 by 13 ft of space.

For bigger models with large work envelopes, single tanks, and dual work zones, the spacing requirements are- 10 by 20 ft of space.

Yes, many manufacturers and suppliers provide training to operate a water jet aluminum cutter. Since these devices are very sophisticated, they should not be operated without prior training and knowledge. You may request a training session from the provider of your water jet aluminum cutter.

Yes, many manufacturers and suppliers provide support if the water jet aluminum cutter breaks down. If not, you can request support in case the machine breaks down.

Yes, technicians are available to visit workshops in the event of machine malfunctions, performance issues, or the need for technical assistance, among other things. Check-in with the supplier or highly skilled technicians about the water jet aluminum cutter.

There are multiple ways for you to use a water jet aluminum cutter to make your business grow rapidly. For starters, you can use this device to increase your business scalability. You can also use the cutters to decrease turnaround time and increase output levels. This will allow you to follow a cost-leadership model of business. Thus, you will have a competitive advantage in the market.

Similarly, your business will also grow rapidly when you can add versatility and innovation to the production process. Water jet aluminum cutters will help you remarkably with this process. As a result, you will be able to reach your target customers faster and meet their needs better than before. All these elements will help your business grow rapidly.


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