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A water jet glass cutter is a hydro-cutting machine designed to cut glass of different types and thicknesses. Water jet technology provides you with the fastest way to cut glass without affecting precision. At IVYCNC, we provide the best service to customers who are looking for high-quality water jet glass cutters for their industrial needs. So, you can buy water jet glass cutters from the best manufacturers. We ensure that IVYCNC manufacturers and engineers will provide you with a long-lasting machine for water jet glass-cutting projects.

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Picking The Right Water Jet Glass Cutter

FEDJET C-Series Waterjet Cutter (1)
Applicable to various industrial fields.
Cantilever waterjet 3 axis
Cutting performance gets the best out of it.
HEAD Cantilever Waterjet
Small footprint and cost-effective.
E Series
Super cost-effective popular machine king.
C4020-3X Waterjet Cutter
Top-of-the-range 3-axis waterjet cutting machine on sale.
Teenking DV 5X waterjet cutter
Very good performance in parquet cutting of various materials.

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Application of Water Jet Glass Cutter


Different types of glass are used in the automotive industry. Waterjet is used for manufacturing windshields designed with durable fiberglass.


Modern tabletops are designed with sturdy glass because this material creates a highly elegant look. Glass tabletop manufacturers create a perfect cut with a water jet.

Shower Doors

Custom shower doors and windows designed with glass can give you a luxurious feel. Water jet cutters help in cutting glass shower doors in different sizes.

Ornamental Pieces

Glass-made ornaments have a high aesthetic value. To cut the glass preciously to design ornaments, you can use water jet cutters.


Mirror-cutting projects need special care and attention to cut mirrors. Waterjet technology has made sensitive mirror-cutting tasks easier.

Insulated Glass

Buildings have large insulated glass panels. Use water jet glass cutters to cut the panels into proper sizes before installation.
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Why use Water Jet Glass Cutters

Although there are different ways to cut glass, a water jet is the most effective solution. This eco-friendly cutting technology provides you with the fastest result. You will get a precise result that needs no secondary treatment.

Highly Energy Efficient

Waterjet is highly efficient in cutting more than one layer of material. This process is known as stacking, and you can achieve a faster solution.

Good Edge Quality

You will find no problem with the edge quality of the output provided by the waterjet cutting machines.

Higher Accuracy

As the cutting tolerance is low, you will find a higher accuracy with the water jet cutting process.

An Eco-Friendly Solution

Water jet cutters for glass-cutting projects do not produce harmful gases that pollute the environment. So, regular use of the machine will not cause environmental damage.
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The Ultimate FAQ Guide
Water Jet Glass Cutter

A CNC water jet cutter is an industrial-grade tool, which applies a high-pressure water jet to slice through glass pieces. High pressure and velocity are effective in cutting glass of different types. There is a filter and pump to pass the water into the CNC unit. However, you need a water treatment system to treat water that contains harmful minerals.

Water jet glass cutters are highly advantageous for several reasons

Highly accurate and faster– As glass is a thermally sensitive material, water jet technology is the best choice. Moreover, the machine does not produce much moisture on your workpiece. Water flowing from the cutting head is cold. That’s why there is a risk of thermal stress. Your glass will not get melted. You will find a smooth finish and no burrs.

High cutting capability– There is no limitation regarding the thickness of the glass material. The fine jet is efficient at cutting glass of different types. You can also make diagonal cuts using our waterjet glass cutters.

A profitable choice- Waterjet glass cutting is an affordable choice. So, you do not need to invest a high amount to make glass products. You can take advantage of highly efficient waterjet cutting machines for your industrial purposes.

Low environmental effect– It is another reason for choosing a water jet for cutting glass. There is no risk of air pollution when you operate the machine. Our water jet glass cutters do not emit heat and chemicals.

First, you must know about every component of your waterjet glass cutter before understanding the working principles. There are a few steps for using the machine.

After selecting the machine, you should configure the equipment. Some users choose plywood to have a stable platform.

The abrasive jet of the machine uses high-pressure water that is capable of cutting the glass. The abrasive combined with the water creates a thin film on the material’s surface.

Fitted to the high-pressure pump, the nozzle sends a water stream to the material.

The pressurized water starts cutting through it and does not leave residues.

The process involves using garnet to ensure faster cutting.

So, these few steps will enable you to operate the machine. The waterjet glass cutting system does not result in heat-affected zones, and thus, you do not need to put much effort into secondary finishing activities. It is a software-controlled process, and you can cut glass into a range of shapes.

The speed of cutting glass and other hard materials using water jet cutting technology is around 6.0 m/min. However, the material thickness, water pressure, and power of the water jet cutting machine can make a difference in the speed.

Water jet cutting technology ensures high precision in the cutting process. While using our water jet glass cutters, you can find an accuracy level of around ± 0.001” (0.025 mm).

The water stream technology can accurately cut glass with a thickness of around 0.1mm. Regardless of the thickness of the glass, you will find pinpoint precision.

A water jet glass cutter is a versatile machine capable of cutting different types of materials. Although you buy it for your glass-cutting needs, you can use it for cutting other materials. Most importantly, you can cut glass of varying types, including laminated glass, ballistic glass, float glass, and ordinary glass. However, you should avoid using water jets for your tempered glasses.

The PSI settings can make a difference in how fast you can cut your material using the water jet glass cutting machine. So, the average PSI for your waterjet glass cutting project is between 15,000 and 20,000.

Garnet has natural alluvial particles and is less friable when you cut glass with water jet cutting machines. They also ensure higher productivity of the glass cutting project with water jet technology. You will find a better cutting speed with garnet as the abrasive. So, the abrasive plays an important role in cutting your glass pieces.

Moreover, a consistent flow of the abrasive is significant to accomplish the waterjet cutting process. A well-regulated feed of garnet helps with a good cutting stream.

You will find a high-quality edge finish for every cut produced by the water jet cutting machine. So, there is no need for secondary treatment of the output. You will not notice signs of burrs on the output.

Yes. You can use normal tap water for your water jet glass cutting project.

However, water quality is the most important factor for water jet-cutting projects. The water received by the intensifier is significant in water jet cutting because of the direct effect on the equipment’s service life. Your water may have TDS, which deteriorates the condition of the components. The high-pressure water used for the water jet-cutting project should have minimal abrasiveness.

That is why we encourage our customers to analyze water quality before using it for their equipment. TDS reduction is a good step to prevent damage to your machine due to water.

We cannot mention a particular amount as the cost of your water jet glass cutter. The size of the machine, the customized components, and the add-ons you have chosen can affect the price. However, the standard cost can range from $8900 to $9500 depending on the size and features of the machine. You can buy water jet glass cutting machines at a reasonable price.

The cost of an abrasive water jet glass cutting project can range from $18 to $36 per hour. However, the number of abrasives used for the cutting process can make a difference in the charge. You can make a calculation based on the cost of

Water- Around $3.51 for 1000 gallons of water

Power- Water jet machines need 1,000 kWh of electricity to continue their operation.

Abrasives- Hard rock abrasives are costlier.

Wear parts- When any parts get deteriorated, you need to replace them.

Other things that affect the cost are the thickness, width, and length of the material you would cut.

Water jet glass cutters are heavy-duty equipment intended to withstand harsh conditions and heavy loads. They usually have a long lifespan when maintained properly. But, the small mechanical components of the machine have a different lifespan. For instance, plungers and high-pressure cylinders have an average lifespan of 5000 hours. Similarly, a pressure accumulator can last up to 10000 hours.

So, at times, you may need to replace the adjacent parts. Still, an investment in a water jet machine will give you lasting value.

Water jet cutting is a safe process when compared to some other cutting processes. However, you must learn the right way of operating the machine to avoid hazards.

Our water jet glass cutters do not need much maintenance to continue their operation. High-pressure components attached to the machines need to be maintained properly to make them efficient for cutting projects.

Low water quality is not safe for your water jet cutters. For instance, impure water and hard water can result in clogs, and your machine will not be able to work properly. It can also make your operators injured.

As a part of the weekly maintenance schedule, you have to check the filter regulator, which controls the water flow of the machine. Chemical procedures in the water jet can cause gas accumulation (high-pressure water vapor build-ups).

Make sure that you have used good quality water to avoid maintaining water jet cutting machines.

Bits of dirt cause adverse effects on the machine’s component life. The nozzle components have to be maintained regularly.

While using the slats that hold materials, you have to be careful. It is also essential to clean the slats regularly for preventing bacterial growth.

The dimension of the smaller water jet cutting machines is around 4 x 4 feet, and you can easily fit them into the small workshop. However, the medium-sized models have a dimension of around 4 x 8 feet. Let us know your needs, and we will find the right manufacturers for your machine.

Yes. The best manufacturers provide training to their new buyers who like to know the safe way to operate the machine. They have training professionals available in countries where they sell water jet glass cutters.

At IVYCNC, we work with suppliers who provide customer assistance. Whenever you face technical issues with their machines, you can call their assistants. However, the best manufacturers design the water jet cutters in a way that the machine can last long. You may not find problems while operating these glass-cutting machines.

Yes. Machine manufacturers have a separate team of technical staff who will provide you with on-site services for your water jet glass cutter. You can send a message to the manufacturing team to get technical assistance.

A water jet glass cutter can be the best addition to your business resource. Advanced cutting technology enables you to cut glass into different shapes. You do not need to employ several workers to operate the machines. Thus, you will save time and money on every glass-cutting project. It will help with the faster growth of your business.


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