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Water jet metal cutters have become one of the most popular choices for small businesses and professionals because of their high efficiency. These machines can cut through metal, wood, and many other exotic materials to give you the best designs, precision, and high-quality finish.

But, these are expensive machines. And before you make any rushed decisions, it is best to know a thing or two about these machines. Like what can a water jet metal cutter do for you? Or, what should you consider before buying one?

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the latest information and solutions for all of their Water Jet Metal cutter-related issues. And that is exactly what we aim to do here. So, be sure to read till the end. And if you are looking to get connected with a reliable supplier right now, contact us.

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Picking The Right Water Jet Metal Cutter

FEDJET G-Series Waterjet Cutter (1)
Stable structure and precise cutting.
Gantry waterjet 5 axis
More accurate and environmentally friendly.
HEAD Gantry
With the fastest cutting speed and the best accuracy.
A Series
The new generation of plate water cutting machine.
Teenking 3-Axis waterjet cutter
Available in two waterjet configurations: gantry and cantilever
G6030-5X Waterjet Cutter
Large-format waterjet cutting platforms.

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Application of Water Jet Metal Cutter

Automotive Steel

The automotive industry requires steel and related materials for producing different equipment or tools. Water jet metal cutters are one of the leading choices when it comes to creating the perfect pieces with precise measurements and a smooth finish. This makes water jet metal cutters the best option to choose for your automotive steel projects.

Cutlery and Utensils

When it comes to creating innovative designs, high-end production quality, and innovation in the market, water jet metal cutters are a popular choice for cutlery and utensils projects. That is because water jet metal cutters can cut through most metals like aluminum, titanium, copper frequently used for making kitchen items. So, your utensil and cutlery creations get the upper hand at being the best in the market.

Furniture and Upholstery

Metal furniture’s have been popular for their inherent strength, relative resistance to the environment and fine looks. But furniture is more than just accommodations. They are also decorations for the home. This makes precision cuts so important for this industry. And that is why Water Jet Metal Cutters are quickly being adapted by many furniture industry leaders.


There is no room for errors in the Aerospace industry. Even the most minor irregularities in the design and construction of Aircraft aluminum parts can result in deadly outcomes. And such high precision requirements could be achieved by no other technology but Water Jet Metal Cutting. So, it is easy to understand why this industry was one of the first to adopt water jet technology.


While it might come as a surprise to many, the electronics industry also uses advanced Water Jet Technology to process steel, gold, tin, copper, etc., and manufacture electronic components. For example, the Semiconductor industry uses water jet-guided laser cutting technology to process micro components which is difficult to do by any other method.


From manufacturing cars to the rails of railways, manufacturing companies in the transportation industry rely on the precision, and efficiency of water jet metal cutting. It has helped the industry in many ways to improve both the quality and quantity of production.
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Why use Water Jet Metal Cutters

There are many benefits of water jet metal cutters that make it the optimal buy for your business or private projects that involve any sort of metal processing. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of this technology that make it so appealing to innovative enthusiasts and industries worldwide.

Extremely Versatile

The waterjet technology can cut almost anything! So, you can now make practically anything you can imagine, experiment with it, develop a prototype, make innovations possible, and so on. The materials that you can cut water jet metal cutters include - Stone, Metal, Fiberglass, Glass, Plastic, Cardboard, Paper, Composites, Insulation / HVAC, Food, etc.

No Heat Zones

Water jet cutting uses water. And this is one of the major advantages of water jet cutting technology. With other cutting techniques intense heat zones are produced due to friction, which can lead to distorted edges and irregular cuts. While water jets also use friction to cut materials, it also cools it simultaneously. This almost completely eradicates any heat related issues and provides cleaner cuts.

No Finishing Required

Due to irregular edges, with every other type of cutting technology, you’d have to waste time, and resources for properly finishing your cuts. That is not the case with water jet cutting. As your processed components come out with already clean and precise edges, you do not need to finish them afterwards.

Flexible Cutting Axis

Advanced water jet metal cutters can be multi-axis machines. This means you can cut horizontally, vertically, and angularly. Traditional cutting technologies are usually not this flexible when it comes to the cutting axis.
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The Ultimate FAQ Guide
Water Jet Metal Cutter

A water jet metal cutter is an instrument that uses high-pressure water to cut metal. In this tool, a high-pressure jet of water is made by combining water with an abrasive. Then that combination is passed through a gem orifice so that it creates high pressure in the passing jet. Thus, the water jet becomes capable of rapidly eroding metals and cutting them.

Computerized Numerical Control or CNC machines are known for their pre-programmed software and codes to control the movement of production equipment. While they have their features, water jet metal cutters can bring multiple advantages in comparison to them. The advantages of water jet metal cutter in comparison to other CNC machines include the following:

Accuracy: Water jet metal cutters can attain better accuracy at cutting through metals or other objects in comparison to CNC machines. The results of water jet metal cutters can meet your set out objectives more accurately.

Precision: Cutting through complex shapes and designs can be difficult for CNC machines. Water jet metal cutters are more successful to get precise results on cutting through complex shapes. So, these cutters can work perfectly for difficult designs and shapes.

Environmental Benefits: One of the downsides of CNC machines is that they produce environmentally harmful byproducts. However, water jet metal cutters do not produce such waste emissions. They do not produce harmful byproducts. So, water jet metal cutters are more environmentally sustainable.

Lower Turnaround Time: Water jet metal cutters can finish the cutting task faster than CNC machines. So, they are successful in lowering the turnaround time to finish the task of producing a new part or cutting through metal, in comparison to CNC machines.

Water jet metals cutters can go up to 60,000 psi and reach speeds of 760 meters/second. Some, advanced level water jets can reach speeds greater than that.

Water jet metal cutters are one of the most accurate cutters in the world. The latest models of the cutter can handle cutting small parts of metal up to ±0.025 mm tolerance. The minimum tolerance level for most cases is ±0.05 mm.

Typically, water jet metal cutters can cut steel up to 7.5 cm in thickness. Advanced water jet cutters can cut through the steel of 23 cm thickness. The general models are capable of cutting through thicker surfaces, but that will take a longer time depending on the thickness.

Most water jet metal cutters can cut through multiple metals. This includes cutting through metals such as aluminum, titanium, hardened tool steel, brass, copper, and other exotic metals. Many models can also cut through wood, marble, glass, and so on.

Typical water jet cutters operate between 40,000 PSI (300 MPa) to 60,000 PSI (400 MPa). However, the range can go up to the water pressures of 50,000 to 60,000 PSI depending on the water jet metal cutter model. So, the general range can be between 60,000-90,000 PSI.

Garnet is the most commonly used abrasive for waterjet metal cutters. It is both effective and efficient for attaining the target results. In terms of hardness, they are close to diamonds. However, garnets are more affordable and cost-effective. Other abrasives used in the cutters include silicon carbide, silica sand, olivine, aluminum oxide, etc.

Water jet metal cutters can achieve a burr-free, uniform, and smooth edge finish. This makes their quality edge finish superior in quality in comparison to other alternatives. Due to their high quality and smooth edge finish, most often the products do not require secondary finishing.

In most cases, water treatment is not required for operating water jet metal cutters. Yes, you can run a water jet metal cutter with normal tap water. 90% of users use ordinary tap water to operate water jet metal cutters. Normal tap water works perfectly well to attain your desired cutting results.

The price of a water jet metal cutter varies from one model to the other. The average price of small water jet cutters can start from $60,000. The price range can go up to $100,000 or more if you apply custom systems to the machine. This price does not factor in delivery, disposal, or abrasive costs.

The cost to run a water jet metal cutter depends on multiple factors. This includes the cutter model, water-to-abrasive ratio, the material that is to be cut, utility cost, and so on. In most cases, the average cost to run the jet cutters is between $20-$40 per hour.

How long a water jet metal cutter will last depends on the lifetime of its consumables. Generally, water jet-cutting consumables have a long lifespan. The pressure pumps can last for about 10,000 hours. The nozzle, which is a significant part of the jet cutter, can last for approximately 100 hours. The lifetime of sealing is around 500-1000 hours and plungers have a life span of 5000 hours.

The lifetime of a water jet metal cutter will also depend on used pressure levels, water quality, and servicing. If the system is checked on a daily and periodic basis, the cutters can easily last for several years without problems.

In terms of personal safety, the water jet metal cutter is very much safe for use. However, caution and carefulness are always advised while operating the machine. During normal operations, the nozzle tip is within 0.060 in. from work. So, users have very minimal chances of safety hazards at the top of the water jet cutter.

Since a water jet metal cutter is a high-speed machine that uses highly-pressurized water jets to cut through metals, it is essential to maintain personal safety precautions while running it. Additionally, checking for machine damage from time to time is also crucial. Following these activities ensures the full safety of using the water jet metal cutters.

The water jet metal cutter requires maintenance periodically. It can include daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, and yearly maintenance. The maintenance of these machines is periodic rather than extensive. Checking, replacing, and servicing the machine parts from time-to-time results in increasing its longevity.

Typically, standard water jet metal cutters consist of a single work envelope and one water tank. The table sizes for these machines are 5 by 10 ft. or 7 by 13 ft. In the case of larger machines that have large work envelopes, single tanks, and dual work zones, you will need a bigger space. This will require around 10 by 20 ft of space.

Training is a crucial part of operating a water jet metal cutter. Many manufacturers provide the basic guidelines for operating the machine or hand-out guides. If requested, the providers may help you with training for operating the machine.

Yes, many companies provide support if the water jet metal cutter breaks down. This may be mentioned in the terms and conditions of the supplier. Additionally, you can request support in case the machine breaks down.

Yes, technicians are available to go to workshops in case of machine complications, performance issues, need for technical assistance, and so on. Make sure to contact the supplier or highly skilled technicians to check in on the water jet metal cutter.

Water jet metal cutters are one of the best tools to make your business grow rapidly. They are highly demanding tools across multiple industries. Water jet metal cutters can quickly diagnose customer demands. These demands can be fixed in real time by fast diagnosis.

Additionally, jet cutters are remarkable tools to get you the best results within the least time. It can attain perfect cutting results and a smooth finish. Having the best results and fast delivery will allow your productivity and profitability to rise substantially. This will allow you to get a competitive advantage in the market. So, your business will grow rapidly.


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