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The water jet rock cutter is a very common tool nowadays in various industries. Its applications can be dated back to the 19th century. As the name implies, the device uses high-pressured water in concentrated beams. So, you can think of the device as a laser but instead, water is used.

Now, the water jet stone cutter can easily cut stones like granite, marble, limestone, and even quartz. Also, other than cutting you can use it for other purposes.

We have worked with hundreds of industries and water jet rock cutter suppliers. And here we aim to share some of that experience with you so that you know exactly what you are getting into when purchasing one of these machines.

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Picking The Right Water Jet Rock Cutter

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Stable structure and precise cutting.
Gantry waterjet 3 axis
Cutting performance gets the best out of it.
HEAD Gantry
With the fastest cutting speed and the best accuracy.
A Series
The new generation of plate water cutting machine.
Teenking 3D PLUS 5X waterjet cutter
Designed for customers who need to cut larger taper angles.
G6030-5X Waterjet Cutter
Large-format waterjet cutting platforms.

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Application of Water Jet Rock Cutter

Design And Flooring

If you own a small interior design company (or large) then a water jet cutter has many applications in that field. Now, most interior designs of houses or offices possess rock materials. These include granites, marbles, or even limestones. Water jet rock cutters also play a huge role in flooring. The tiles used in homes are made from marble, ceramic, or stone. They all need to have the same sizes. Hence, jet cutters are a great option to maintain proper size consistency.

Manufacturing And Processing

Water jet rock cutters have multifarious uses in manufacturing. In manufacturing, there are huge stone materials that need cutting for many sectors. These can include aviation, automobile, military, and construction. Moreover, if you have a processing sector, then many small, and medium stone materials can be cut using water jet rock cutters. Hence, the industrialists account for the efficiency and speed of these machines.

Buildings And Bridges

Water jet stone cutters aren’t just for small or medium rock materials. Its applications also reach farther if you own large companies for buildings and bridges. In both sectors, huge slabs of stone blocks are crucial for construction. Hence, water jet rock cutters of various sizes, and intensities are used for cutting the big slabs of stone. Moreover, they are efficient and quick hence many industries use these devices. So, you can consider this device for your next mega project.


Rock countertops are popular in expensive homes and hotels. And industries involved with manufacturing furniture for them require high production, minimal waste and high precision cutting. Water jet rock cutters bring exactly that to the table.

Stone Ovens

Modern outdoor stone ovens are a favorite among high class home owners. And while many of them look to be made of irregularly shaped stones, each of them are carefully cut with high pressure water jet tone cutting machines. This gives the ovens a uniform design while being made of seemingly irregular stones that give them an outdoorsy style.


Some walls are not just for protection. They are also part of the decoration of their homes. And rock walls provide both to the fullest extent. Rock walls are much harder than metal or wood. Providing incomparable levels of protection. And they have distinct aesthetics to them too. Their strength is also why they are so difficult to process. And for that companies resort to high pressure water jet rock cutting.
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Why use Water Jet Rock Cutters

Water jet rock cutters have plenty of benefits which makes them the most sought after machines in any industry that uses rock. Here are some of those benefits.

High Efficiency Cold-Cutting

Let's say, you use a laser for all your cutting needs. Laser cutters generate a lot of heat. This might damage the internal integrity of the stone material. On the other hand, water jet cutters use high-pressure water to cut the slabs. As such, the jet cutter maintains the overall structure and integrity of the stone materials.

Recyclable Process

Most of the water you use in a jet cutter is recyclable. Hence, your cost of production will decrease significantly. Moreover, using a jet cutter creates almost no dust as most of the particles get wet. So, the workers stay safe and healthier than using saw cutters where dust can cost you additional fees for masks.

No Additional Process Needed

Now, if you possess a water jet rock cutter, you’ll not need many other cutting tools. Except for some exceptions, you might need different sizes of jet cutters but that’s it. Thus, you can quickly add some abrasive particles to make it stronger and easily cut the bigger slab of the stone.

Zero Cracks

Cutting with regular tools can cause cracks in the stone material. This can happen due to high, improper, and lateral pressure from the cutting tool. Thankfully, such is not the case for water jet rock cutters. It pinpoints the specific areas given in the software and cuts them. Thus, the material is unharmed and forms no additional cracks.
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The Ultimate FAQ Guide
Water Jet Rock Cutter

A CNC water jet rock cutter is a cutting tool that uses high-pressure water to cut stone materials like granite, marble, basalt, quartz, slate, and other stones. It uses CNC technology that obeys input commands by the user and executes them accurately.

As mentioned before, CNC machines are computerized devices that execute commands given by the user.  So, as a CNC machine and using water, the water jet rock cutter has many advantages compared to other similar machines. These are:


Environment Friendly: These devices produce less dust, have no cracks, and are safer than manual cutters. Moreover, the water that the machine uses is easily recyclable. You can therefore reduce the overall cost of production of your company.

Immaculate Precision: Thanks to the CNC tech, the user can easily input commands and cut the material in any shape or form. The cutting is also done with superior precision compared to manual cutters which may make countless errors.

No additional fine-tuning is necessary: Cutting a slab of stone or rock with a manual or laser cutter requires additional sanding and refining (especially the edges). But this is not necessary when it comes to jet rock cutters which cleanly cut everything.

First, the water achieves high pressure (about 4000 atmospheres), which then passes to the nozzle by a pressurized tube. The nozzle usually has a diameter of 0.1 to 0.4 millimeters. And from that nozzle, a small concentrated beam of jet water comes out with a velocity of at least 1000 meters per second. Hence, this is how the jet rock cutter works and cuts materials.

Water jet rock cutters along with CNC technology have high precision in cutting thanks to their build and speed. When the device cuts at high speed it can achieve part tolerance levels of “-/+ 0.001”. This means that when you cut a piece of limestone or granite, the water jet will have no problem cutting the material by the commands you have given.

The water jet rock cutter can cut through rock materials of 10-12 inches quickly. But you can cut thicker materials than that. A small downside is that the overall cutting time will slightly reduce. But if you can consider that, then there’s no limit to cutting thick stone slabs with the jet rock cutter.

For stone cutting water jets can reach speeds of Mach 3 which is around 2500 feet/second. This is at a water pressure of 60,000 psi.


The water jet rock cutter can cut most stone or rock materials that you use for construction and residential areas. These materials include limestone, basalt, quartz, granite, marble, travertine, precious stones, and semi-precious stones. So, there’s nothing to worry about whether your jet rock cutter can slice a certain rock material.

Typically, a water jet rock cutter uses high-pressured water of a velocity of 1000 m/s that possesses a PSI of 30,000 to 90,000 psi. This is done by creating that concentrated water with a high-pressure pump inside the water-assisted rock cutter. The water then passes through a nozzle and cuts the rocky material.

Abrasives are added-compounds to make the jet water of the cutter stronger. So, the usual abrasives are aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, sand, garnet, and aluminum oxide. And among them, garnet is a popular one that many industries use.

First, you need to know the quality range of edges, which is from Q1 to Q5. Q1 means less refined edges and Q5 is the best-refined edges. Now, water jet rock cutters can do Q1 and Q2 quickly, but the edges won’t be refined that much. And it can also acquire Q5 but it’ll take a little more time. So, industries opt for the mid-range edge quality which is Q3.

You can use regular tap water for your water jet rock cutter. Most of the water is safe to use directly for the jet cutter. But water is used for two purposes here. One is for cutting and the other is for cooling. So, you should test the water you’ll use for cooling for total dissolved solids (TDS). This is to ensure that your jet water rock cutter doesn’t damage itself.

The price of water jet rock cutters can range from 30,000 to 60,000 and more than 100,000 dollars. Now, considering the short run, you can opt for the 30,000 to 60,000 jet cutters. But to truly make the most out of your investment, we advise you to get the 100,000+ dollars jet rock cutter.

Running a water jet rock cutter can cost you between 3000 to 9000 dollars annually depending on how long you use it. These costs come in water usage, weary parts, power consumption, and additional abrasives. Generally, water can cost around 3 dollars per 1000 gallons.

Power can cost you around 3,500 to 9,500 dollars annually. Parts replacements can cost around 8000 dollars to 30,000 dollars annually. And finally, abrasives can cost around 25,000 to 50,000 dollars annually depending on the type you’re using.

Water jet rock cutters can last several years, depending on their use time and the extra additives you administer. Now, the weakest part of the water cutter is the nozzle. There are many nozzles possessing different lifetimes. Among them, the sapphire nozzle has an expected lifespan of 40 hours. And the diamond nozzle has a lifetime of about 500 to 1000 hours.

The focus tube also lasts for 100 to 200 hours. This lifespan fluctuates depending on how long you use it and what material. So, proper inspection is necessary for the whole equipment with special care given to the nozzles.

Water jet rock cutters are comparatively safer than manual cutters and laser cutters. Using a jet rock cutter produces no fumes or gases. Moreover, no heat is produced during the process hence, the workers don’t feel too hot while cutting. Furthermore, no added dust particles float in the air. This is thanks to the jet cutter making the particles wet immediately.

Water jet rock cutters do require maintenance. The machine has some intricate parts that need checking from time to time before cutting anything. These include checking the water, air, and power supplies, and the pump’s internal pressure. Also, additional checkups are necessary for the nozzle, the cooling pump, and the focus pipe through which water is sprayed.

In the market, you can find small, medium, and large sizes of water jet rock cutters. The small jet stone cutters have a size of 4 x 4 feet which you can use if you own a small workshop. Medium-sized water jet machines range between 4 x 4 to 4 x 8 feet. So, if you have a bigger workshop then get this one.

And if you’re a big industrialist, the large jet machines require a space of 8 x 16 feet of space. Note that these sizes define the cutting area where you’ll place the material to be cut and not the entire machine (which can increase the sizes by a few feet).

Yes, training is necessary and provided for operating a water jet rock cutter. The training includes troubleshooting, operating, learning CNC, and maintaining the jet cutter. So, all of these must be learned properly before preparing to cut rock materials. The WSI (Waterjet Systems International) provides three-session training for technicians.

Session 1 includes basics, session 2 is the regular system for running the jet stone cutting machine, and session 3 is for expert learning. Also, the training becomes more effective if it is done on-site.

Yes, support is provided should one require it. Various companies provide support which is written on their recruitment terms and conditions paperwork. And sometimes support is normally given if the water jet rock cutter breaks down suddenly.

Of course, you can find technicians to fix your water jet rock cutter, should it break down suddenly. You can contact a technician, send a mail, or even message them online. You can also find many online technician pages that can help you find the best one. Sometimes, the company possesses technicians to fix these types of problems.

A water jet rock cutter is an excellent addition for your business to grow at an extensive rate. This is because the device can cut versatile materials including different stone materials too. Plus, the device is eco-friendly and safe to use which will attract laborers and investors alike. And thanks to its efficiency and speed the device is very cost-effective as well.


Thus, hopefully, you now have a solid idea about water jet rock cutters, their uses, and their advantages. We, at IVYCNC in China, try to provide you with good information, so you get the most out of your machines and investments. Hence, please contact us if you need further assistance. Thank you for reading.


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