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A Water jet steel cutter is a powerful machine that can cut through steel efficiently. In fact, efficiency is its biggest draw. They help you do quick and professional work with steel that ends in a precise cut.

But these kinds of high-performance industrial tools are quite expensive. So, when you’re buying them for any kind of business reason, you need to make sure it’s the right decision for your bottom line.

And we at IVYCNC are here to provide you with all the proper information you might need to decide once and for all if you should get a water jet steel cutter or not. And if you already made up your mind on getting one, be sure to contact us to get in touch with the best manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.

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Picking The Right Water Jet Steel Cutter

FEDJET G-Series Waterjet Cutter (1)
Stable structure and precise cutting.
Cantilever waterjet 3 axis
Cutting performance gets the best out of it.
HEAD Cantilever Waterjet
Small footprint and cost-effective.
Fully enclosed waterjet 3
The most popular small waterjet cutting machine.
G2515-D3X Waterjet Cutter
Makes high production easy.
Teenking 3D 5X waterjet cutter
With the industry's highest precision HARMONIC DRIVE dynamic corner harmonic drive.

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Application of Water Jet Steel Cutter


Steel is the number one choice for the automotive industry. And the best in the industry use water jet steel cutting for its high precision and efficiency. Cars, boats, trains, whatever you choose, definitely have metal parts in them. And they are almost always processed using water jet technology.

Steel Kitchenware

If you think steel cutlery is out of fashion, think again. Stainless steel in particular is one of the most durable materials used for cutlery. Businesses that produce steel cutlery will find the perfect application for machine-like water jet steel cutters. It can help them achieve high-quality finishes and designs while greatly enhancing productivity.


Steel is the base for many types of construction projects. From skyscrapers to bridges, there is not a single construction project that does not use steel. Time and efficiency is everything for construction projects. And that is why this industry was so quick to adopt Water Jet Steel Cutting technology.


The energy industry is also quite fond of Water Jet Steel Cutters. Energy production is sensitive work requiring ultra-precise steel components. This is something that can only be achieved by high-pressure water jet steel cutters.

Machinery Manufacturing

All industries use some sort of machine. And every machine has some sort of steel part. And the manufacturers of these parts are likely to use Water Jet Steel Cutting technology. Manufacturing is a restless business requiring high production volume and time efficiency. So, no wonder manufacturers worldwide have quickly turned to water jet machines.

Electrical Components

Steel due to its excellent electrical properties is used throughout the electronics industry. Electric motors, solenoids, electromagnetic devices and many more use steel. And for such sensitive devices, a high-quality cutting process such as water jet steel cutting is frequently used.
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Why use Water Jet Steel Cutters

Water jet steel cutting has become popular for a reason. There are a ton of advantages compared to any other form or traditional cutting method. Here are some hard-to-ignore advantages of using water jet steel cutters.

Virtually No Material Distortion

A big advantage of water jet steel cutters is that it produces no material distortion. Water jet cutting doesn’t use any heat. This means that the material worked on won’t distort in any way. This results in a more precise and very high-quality cut.

Zero Hazardous Waste

Water jet steel cutters are some of the safest methods for any industrial use. You don’t need to worry about producing any kind of hazardous waste. This can mean extra savings for waste management, which can, of course, lower your operational costs.


HAZ stands for heat-affected zone. Water jet steel cutting is a cold-cutting method. As mentioned before, it doesn't produce or use any sort of heat to cut through steel precisely. This is another major advantage.It’s safer since it won’t cause any heat and thus there are no chances of any burns. So, operators don’t need to deal with any kind of work hazards.

High Efficiency And Versatility

Production and industrial projects need to be efficient. But it also needs to be high-quality and precise. Thanks to the water jet cutting process, working with steel is very efficient.That’s how you can ensure the best return on your investment. It gives you tons of options and versatility from a single machine. You can cut up to 6 inches of steel efficiently and with ease. Some can even cut through 9 inches of stainless steel. For very thick pieces of steel, the time taken can increase though. But nothing a high-end machine can’t handle.
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The Ultimate FAQ Guide
Water Jet Steel Cutter

A CNC water jet steel cutter is an industrial machine that’s used to cut through steel efficiently and precisely. It uses a high-water pressure paired with some kind of abrasive to cut through steel. Precise control can result in a very high-quality final output.

There are tons of advantages to using a water jet steel cutter for any important project. They can be configured to meet your exact needs by pre-programming them. Other than that, there are other advantages.

Efficiency: Water jet steel cutters are very efficient and work fast while maintaining quality. This can help you get a job done faster which means you increase your productivity as well.

Doesn’t Harm the Material: You’ll be cutting steel with a water jet steel cutter. One thing you don’t have to worry about is damaging the material in any way. This means you don’t need to account for any damaging cost of the raw material.

Precision: For industries where precision and accuracy are very important, like medical tools, water jet steel cutters are crucial. They make precise and accurate cuts to the specifications required.

Eco-friendly: Since these kinds of machines don’t produce any kind of hazardous waste, they’re safer for the environment. They’re also safe for operators to use without any workplace incidents.

These machines make use of high-pressure water and an abrasive to cut through steel. The water will flow through high-pressure tubing into the cutting head. Then it finally flows through a nozzle that turns into a fine, high-pressure stream. This stream is what does the actual cutting.

When the stream goes through steel, it will eat away the material, causing it to erode. However, it’s very controlled and that’s how you can achieve high-quality precise cuts.

Water jet steel cutters are famously precise and accurate. That’s why you’ll see them being used in demanding industries where precision and accuracy are crucial. These machines can be configured to cut steels of any specifications.

The machines take these instructions and cut steel exactly according to the spec. The cutting tolerance is about 0.05 mm. Which is quite impressive. However, more advanced cutters can give a cutting tolerance of 0.025. These tolerances are so small that it’s practically impossible to notice with the naked eye.

Water jet steel cutters can cut through up to 9 inches of stainless steel efficiently. That isn’t to say that it’s the limit. You can cut thicker pieces of steel. But the time required to finish the process will increase significantly.

Water jet steel cutters can reach speeds of 760 to 1020 meters/second at water pressures between 40,000 to 60,000 psi.


Water jet steel cutters can cut through almost anything. From various types of metals such as steel, aluminum, titanium to some non-metallic hard materials as well like stone, rocks, glass, etc.

Since these cutters use high pressure to cut through steel, they naturally have very high PSI. However, the exact PSI will depend on the quality and model of the cutter. The PSI can be from 30,000 to 90,000!

Water jet pressure cutters use an abrasive material called garnets. These are a group of silica minerals. Abrasives like these have been used for a long time. From the bronze ages.

The quality of the edge finish is one of the biggest advantages of water jet steel cutters. It gives you a precise and smooth finish that looks professional. Since the finish is so smooth, you don’t need to deal with any burr.

The edges can be uniform which gives it a very premium look. Secondary finishes aren’t required since the edge finish comes out very smooth the first time around.

Water jet steel cutters can use regular tap water to perform as intended. 90% of machines in the world just use tap water for cutting steel. This is another convenience that these cutters provide. You don’t need to worry about any kind of water treatment.

These machines are meant for industrial and professional use. So, they aren’t cheap. But they’re also an investment. Typical prices can depend on the type of machine you choose. Some machines might have different features. It can range from $60,000 to as high as $100,000. Again, it depends on the model you choose.

When you’re using a machine like this, there’ll be some operational costs, and the cost of operating a water jet can vary a lot too. There are a couple of things that affect the cost.

The three main factors are water consumption, wear of parts, and electric consumption. The cost of water can depend on how many gallons you use. The national average is $3 per 1000 gallons.

Electrical costs can range from $3,000 to $9,000 each year. This estimate is based upon running the machine 6 hours a day. Wear of parts can add to the costs as well. Depending on the components, replacements can cost between $80 and $150.

Apart from these, there are some other things you should consider. Firstly, a high-quality cutter can cost more upfront. But it can cost less to operate over the long run since it’ll be more efficient and also be more durable.

Typically, the total hourly cost of a water jet steel cutter can range from $19.9 to $37.5 all things considered.

How long a water jet steel cutter will last depends on the quality and also how it’s being used. Also, different components have different lifespans. So, it’s very difficult to give a solid range for the machine as a whole.

The nozzle will last for about 100 hours, while the pressure pumps can last for an impressive 10,000 hours. Plungers and sealings have a usual lifespan of 5000 and 100 – 500 hours respectively.

You should consider the usage conditions as well. Water quality, proper servicing, and pressure levels all have an impact on longevity. Overall, a high-quality machine will last for quite a while.

As with any kind of industrial machine, you need to take the right measure when operating it. Make sure to wear protective gear and operate the machine as it is meant to be operated. User error can be fatal.

That being said, water jet steel cutters themselves are very safe to use. They don’t use any heat, so there are no chances of burns. But they use high water pressure. And you need to maintain a safe distance from that.

These machines don’t need any kind of extensive maintenance. But you should always ensure that you do maintain them from time to time. It can depend on how extensively you use the machine. Periodic maintenance can happen on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

To ensure that your water jet cutter fits your workshop, typical machines have a single water tank and a single work envelope. They can be between 5 ft and 10 ft. So, you’ll need enough space to fit that.

You have the option to go with a larger one as well. Some machines offer dual zones with much larger work envelopes. The size of these can range between 10 ft and 20 ft. But don’t cram a machine tightly into any space.

You should also have some breathing room. Extra room to walk about the machine freely. It’s safer that way and will also protect your machine from accidental scuffs and scratches.

Operating these machines properly is very important. So, they need to be operated by a trained professional. But whether or not specific training is provided depends on the manufacturer. You can request specific training if you feel like or your workforce needs it.

There will be guidelines and a basic operating handbook provided for these machines by the manufacturer.

Always read the terms and conditions before making the final purchase. Remember to ask for what kind of support the manufacturer provides if something were to go wrong. The level of support and after sale service you receive can depend on the specific manufacturer. You can always request additional support if there’s a problem.

You can have technicians come to your workshop if any major problems can’t be fixed. You can get in touch with independent technicians. But it’s best to contact the manufacturer first. Official support will always be better.

A water jet steel cutter is a perfect tool to make your business grow. You can take in multiple orders and finish them efficiently. And since these machines produce high-quality cuts, your end product will be premium. That’s always good for your brand. You can also start offering extra services like customizations and more.


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